A few accessories that are perfect for your Kia this winter

Kia vehicle

If you are planning to install skis or snowboards on your Kia vehicle this winter or you have hockey bags to put in the trunk, the genuine Kia accessories catalogue will have a wide range of products to meet your needs. These products have been specifically tailored to your Kia vehicle in order to fit perfectly, preserve its reliability and safety, and guarantee long-term quality. Here are some of the genuine Kia accessories that we know you will love for your Kia vehicle this winter.

Roof racks

Genuine Kia roof racks allow you to transport safely skis and snowboards when you add the proper carrier, or bikes and a range of other accessories in summer. The first step if you want to transport something on the roof of your Kia this winter is to check out the genuine Kia roof rack that was designed for it.

Ski or snowboard racks

You can safely install your skis or snowboard on a genuine Kia ski or snowboard rack and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your gear is protected. By putting a genuine Kia ski rack on top of your vehicle, you get complete peace of mind and everything will be a lot easier when you get to the hill.

Cargo protector

A genuine Kia cargo protector has many benefits. It will protect your cargo floor throughout winter from possible damage resulting from hockey bags being thrown in the back or other winter gear being put back there, and it will also keep your carpet clean and avoid costly detailing in the spring.


One of the best ways you can protect your vehicle’s paint this winter is to install mudflaps on your Kia. Mudflaps will allow you to preserve your Kia's paint and protect it from small rocks on the road which means that you won't have to worry about that dirt road or that mountain parking lot full of little rocks.

Trailer hitch

There are many trailer hitches available from third-party companies for your Kia vehicle, but only genuine Kia trailer hitches are designed specifically for your vehicle. That means that they preserve reliability and optimize performance. If you are looking to tow a snowmobile or ATV or side-by-side this winter, the best starting point is a genuine Kia trailer hitch.