A look at the features of the Kia UVO Intelligence system

Kia UVO Intelligence system

Kia is known for providing value in all of its vehicles, but the brand has considerably evolved and is now a leader in numerous fields including technology. Indeed, Kia vehicles are benchmarks when it comes to safety and connectivity, and Kia was one of the first automakers to connect owners with their vehicles through the UVO Intelligence system.

The Kia UVO Intelligence system will impress you with its advanced connectivity features that give you added peace of mind and make every day easier. Here’s an overview of the features available in the UVO system.

Find My Car

With Find My Car, you can locate your Kia in a crowded parking lot using the mobile app.

Remote Services

You are always connected to your vehicle with UVO. You can lock and unlock the doors, or start the vehicle remotely using the app. You can also turn on the lights and horn from your phone.

Automatic Collision Notification

Should your Kia be involved in an accident, UVO will detect it and find your location in order to notify emergency responders. You can also send an SOS from your car and contact roadside assistance.

Vehicle Management

UVO allows you to check the health and condition of your car at any time. You can also get maintenance notifications.

With UVO, everything is easier. Ask our representatives for a demonstration today!