Get the most efficiency out of your battery and improve EV range this winter


With winter around the corner, the weather will get colder, and snow will start covering the road. That means that if you have an electric vehicle, your range will decrease over the next few months.

This is a normal and expected fact of driving any vehicle in winter. Even normal cars with a gas engine will be impacted by the cold and their fuel consumption will increase. In an electric vehicle, range decreases.

In other to improve your vehicle’s electric range, apply the following tips and you will get the most range out of your EV.

Pre-warm the cabin

One of the biggest reasons your electric vehicle loses range in winter is that it a big percentage of the battery is used to warm the cabin. The battery therefore has to do double duty. Keep your vehicle warm and your range will improve. You can do this by putting the vehicle in a garage when possible, or using the mobile app to pre-warm the cabin before taking off.

Once inside, use the heated seats and heated steering wheel more than the heater, and if you have to use the heater use it as efficiently as possible by focusing it where it is needed. In other words, don’t put the heat on the passenger side if you are alone in the vehicle.

Use the eco mode

Use your electric vehicle’s most efficient driving mode. This will not only help you improve range, it will also make it easier to drive through snow and on ice by better controlling accelerations.

Check your tires

Make sure that your tires are at the right pressure. In winter your tires tend to lose pressure. By making sure the tires are at the right pressure, you will ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

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