Kia Digital Key 2 Touch: The Next Step in Automotive Convenience

As vehicles get smarter, access and ownership morph into more digital forms, heralded by innovations like the Kia Digital Key 2 Touch. This sophisticated feature turns your smartphone or smartwatch into a key, making access and driving your Kia vehicle more convenient than ever.

The Kia Digital Key 2 Touch isn’t merely a digitalized car key; it’s a convenience feature that redefines how users interact with their vehicle. The most significant advantage of this digital key is that it’s not limited to a single user. Owners can remotely and seamlessly share it with friends and family, eliminating the hassle and time usually associated with traditional key handovers.

Available on both smartphones and smartwatches, this feature also integrates with Apple Wallet, offering an added layer of convenience. Beyond unlocking and starting your Kia with your smart device, the digital key also allows owners to control access levels. This means you can limit what shared key holders can do, providing an unparalleled level of security and control over who can access your vehicle.

In a nutshell, Kia Digital Key 2 Touch is an innovative feature that offers increased flexibility, convenience, and control. Whether it’s easing key sharing or enabling car access right from your smartphone or smartwatch, this technology takes driving and car ownership to a whole new level. The future of driving is indeed digital, and with Kia Digital Key 2 Touch, Kia is driving forward to that future.