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  • With tall seating, modern styling, and space for the family, the Niro is sure to grab the attention of small SUV customers, Japanese engineers and Detroit executives alike. Could this finally be the “Prius killer” so many have been waiting for? Continue reading.
  • The Niro’s interior is unusually chic, with a lovely wide display, and intuitive controls. It has those hybrid graphics whose visual language nobody understands – arrows going into flows and bar charts going up and down. It makes you feel good, though; green and modern. Continue reading.
  • Yes, we have 3 2017 Red Dot award-winning vehicles including the Kia Niro hybrid crossover. Continue reading.
  • The Kia Niro is so well put together, and along with that electric motor, is very quiet. Not many compact cars can claim this level of smoothness and quietness inside. Continue reading.
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