Christine Hager

I am writing to express our thanks for organizing and running the charity BBQ at your location and the charity food drive at Abernethy Foodland in recognition of the National KIA Drive Change campaign.

We received 337 pounds of donated food as well as $275.55 in cash donations! Every dollar and every pound are important. Each month approximately 23,667 pounds of food is needed for our programs. Currently The Sharing Place purchases about 85% of the food that flows through our storage area into the reusable bags of our clients. Each pound and each dollar are essential for our annual food purchasing budget of $108,000.

Every day many individuals and families see their lives turned upside-down by losing their jobs, getting sick, or simple running out of ways to make ends meet with meager social assistance or EI benefits, part time wages, rising grocery costs and housing costs. During 2013, we assisted 16,456 visits to our food bank.

The Orillia Kia team did a fantastic job of supporting us. Check out our website and the social media enclosure.

With gratitude,