Winter Protection Tips for Your Kia


Is your Kia ready to brave the many cold winter months left? If you’re like most Kia drivers, you want to make sure your car is well-protected during the winter season. Here are a few ways to protect your Kia this winter so you can enjoy worry-free driving all season long.

Paint Film Protection (PFF)

Paint film protection (PFF) is a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint from road debris, dirt, and salt. This protective film also helps prevent scratches and dings that can occur during normal wear and tear. Come see us at our dealership; we have a team of professionals who can apply PFF to your car quickly and easily.


Mudguards are an essential part of protecting your car from flying road debris and slush. They help keep dirt, mud, snow, and other materials from splashing up onto the side of your car or into the undercarriage—ensuring your car stays looking newer for longer. And don’t forget about cleaning off any mud or dirt that does accumulate on them; this will ensure they stay in good condition throughout the winter months.

Washing Your Car

It may seem like an obvious step but washing your car regularly is a key part of keeping it in good condition during the winter months. Regular washing helps remove salt buildup, which can cause corrosion over time if left unchecked. Make sure you use a specialized cleaner made specifically for cars, as ordinary soap won’t do the job properly. Similarly, make sure you dry your car completely after washing it; leaving it wet can cause rusting damage in cold weather conditions.

Winter Mats and Cargo Protector

You may not think about it, but having mats designed specifically for winter use can help keep snow, ice, and salt out of places where it shouldn’t be—like inside the cabin of your car! Similarly, cargo protectors are great for keeping items inside your trunk or cargo area safe from potential water damage due to melting snow or ice buildup.

Winter can be tough on cars—but with some simple steps taken ahead of time, you can ensure that your Kia is well-protected against whatever Mother Nature throws its way! From paint film protection (PFF) to mudguards to special mats and cargo protectors, there are many ways to prepare your Kia for winter driving success! And if you need new winter tires, come see us here at Orilia Kia, as we have several brands in stock! We look forward to helping make sure your Kia is ready for whatever this winter has in store!